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The Company

 We started in 1994 after years of learning how and why the personal computer and the Internet was going to change the world as we knew it. So it was time to come up with a business name, which after some trial and errors ended up being The Computer Techs. The Computer Techs set out to design custom-built personal computer systems, custom Linux server systems, website designs, custom graphics, complete computer services and networking. The Computer Techs name changed to Dragon Technologies in 1998 when we partnered with a company from the UK forming Dragon Technologies.

 Dragon Technologies remained successful in the USA the UK and Southeast Asia throughout all the ups and downs of the dot com era and economic changes along with several upgrades and changes in technology, the world wide web and the internet. Over the years the growing acceptance of point and click software for the amateur web designer, the economic recession of 2008, and the untimely death of our overseas partner, Dragon Technologies decided to move forward and discontinue some of its services.

 In 2011, I decided to I closed Dragon Technologies and re brand the business as Visual Media Fx, that was only offering custom website designs due to the lack of time I had to work on business while taking care of my elderly mother. Sadly it was at this time I discovered I was going to have to briefly shut down the business to take care of her, at least that was the plan. In august 2019 my full time obligation came to an end, so with that I decided to take a long awaited and very needed respite before moving forward.

 Over the few years of being away from website designs on a daily basis, I somehow managed enough time to keep up on how software, platforms and designs were changing on the WWW. I also managed to keep up with the changing SEO algorithms, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing, along with other changes that were and are changing all the time.

 A lot has changed in the online community through the years since our early days, but the desire to produce the best website designs and solutions available to our customers has never changed. We are always learning and looking for the latest and greatest technology and other ways of delivering the best websites and software applications possible.

 I relaunched Visual Media Fx in January 2020 just in time to run head first into the Coronavirus Pandemic. Knowing this could be a bad thing, I decided not to open a new brick and mortar shop in town for walk-ins or appointments. I decided to work online and remotely from my home office. 

 This effort has some benefits along with some drawbacks. The main benefit is far less overhead I have to maintain, so that saves my customers a considerable amount of money when estimating the creation of a new project or website design for them.
 The main drawback is, I’m always at work not to mention the fact that I actually live on a working homestead as well, so yep always plenty to do. 

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 Visual Media Fx, website designs & SEO.

Founder of Visual Media Fx

A Little About The Owner

 Pre 1994:
I owned a successful local construction company for 30 years.  Retired due to deteriorating physical conditions.  

 I started learning computers in the late 1980s and code just as 1990 was coming in, this means I was creating websites long before css was even a thing, not to mention all the point and click page builders we have today. What does this mean to you? It means I know what I’m doing, front end and backend, in other words UI, UX and core. I still try to learn new things every day. I always try to learn something that will benefit others in everyday life or the business world even if it’s something simple, as long as something good can come from it. 

 Designing & Coding: 
Css – Html – Php – Mysql – WordPress – Hand Written Code – Tables and Data Tables
Page builders – Elementor – Divi – Gutenberg for WordPress along with custom css and other code when necessary.

 Other Coding & Designing:
Working on a Python & Django CMS project.

 Operating Systems:
Linux, Linux Servers, Windows 

 Development Systems:
I develop on Standard Linux Servers so when you view your website you see it as it will be on a production server.
I also develop on Enterprise Level Servers.

FCC Licensed Amateur Radio Operator, Musician, Homesteader, Fishing, Hunting, Drag Boating, Harley’s, Sailing Vessels (Yachts) and Scuba Diving.
Watching all kinds of wildlife and Sea life and pretty much anything else to do with nature.

I live on a 10 acre homestead and wouldn’t trade it for love or money. I’m surrounded by wildlife and nature, I can’t imagine ever living in a city. 

I first started out at age 5 on the Piano – The good ol 88’s
By age 6, I started learning guitar and still play to day, Yes I’m one of them! 
Blues, Classical, Country, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, and more.
Guitars – 6 and 12 string acoustic and electric – main instruments.
Base guitar – a sometimes instrument.
Piano – not so much now days. 

During my school years I played the trombone, the trumpet, the guitar and the drums.

is way more cool! just saying ya know.

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