pexels-photo-40120-large-1What do we need to get started?

To get things started you will need the following:
1. Purchase web hosting and a domain name for your site. If you don’t know how or where to do that, I can help with that as well.
2. You need to provide all your website content, photos, text/copy and logos unless I am creating them for you.
What is your design style?

I have a lot of interests in life, so I like to design around any idea.

Modern / Clean / Simple / Fun / Bands / Blog / Entertainment / Business / Amateur Radio / Personal / Shopping Cart

What if I don’t really like how the site is coming together?

I provide my clients with the option to revise all the work up to three times. My goal is to provide my clients an excellent finished product we can both be proud of and confident in. If additional changes are needed after the first three you will be billed at my hourly rate.
To make sure we are on the same design page so to speak it is very important for the client to provide clear and specific ideas of what they have in mind for the site.
I really wish I could be all cool and tell you “Yes I can read your mind” but sad to say I am not a mind reader, so every thing goes so much faster and smoother when we work together

How do I contact you?

Use the online form here on the site, once you become a customer I will provide you a direct email and phone number.

What is the design or service fee?

The base price is $75.00 USD per hour. I also have a package price for an entire website,(revisions mentioned above included) dependent on the need of the customer. Not all websites are created equal due to some being more complex than others.

Design deposits
Yes I do require a $150.USD deposit on hourly work. For full package or website I require half the cost in order to book your project.

Payment methods
I accept Paypal, money orders and bank checks. Money orders and Bank checks must have current date.

I’m leery of giving a deposit
I understand especially now days.
Unfortunately all to often someone will start a project then all of a sudden they decide to cancel the project after its been started or worse a finished project! Believe it or not designers don’t work for free, we have bills and family to feed and we do have other paying clients to take care of.
I think it’s a safe bet to say that you don’t work for free either so why should I?

How long will the project take?

WordPress websites take from 1 – 3 weeks depending on the specific needs.
Custom database websites take from 2 – 4 weeks or longer depending on the specific needs.
It also depends on how quick you provide the necessary content and feedback.

What can I expect when working with you?

My goal is to work with you to create a very well designed finished product, I like to involve you the client in the work and encourage feedback from you which aids in a smoother work flow. I encourage you to give me some examples of some other sites you have looked at so I can see what style and design you like more than others.
Some folks prefer to be almost non existent in the process which really adds time and effort to the design process which is fine, but that kind of involvement really doesn’t help either of us and there is a good chance the site will be off from the intended design. So it’s very important for you the client to get the information to me in a timely manner.

Does my site really need to be a responsive site?

Yes, a responsive website allows visitors and potential customers the ability to view your website on phones, tablets, ipads, laptops and of course desktop computers.
Google stopped indexing non responsive websites in April 2015.